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Organized Creativity

We love order, but we love our children even more. With our play table and bench we support free play and at the same time create a lot of storage space. 

Organized Creativity – as we call it. 

We like order, but we love our children even more. And there is no longer so much room for order. As is so often the case, the idea for our gaming table came about by accident. And then, due to a lack of alternatives, an idea emerged out of chance, and from this in turn we developed our prototype.  


But right from the start: They were our life savers. The childrens coffee shops in Rotterdam (NL) – our temporary home. And there are quite a few of those in the port city, and some of them with a gaming table. So we spent hours maneuvering derailed Brio trains onto the rails, sipping warm latte macchiatos and at the same time rocking the baby boy in the carrier. 


Back home, the research began: a beautiful game table with storage space. There definitely is. Eh, no. So not one that met our design requirements and made playing as easy as possible for our bambinos. nep Nada. 

So we took the pencil and created our ideal. 

Hello Brixtown.

So finished told. Discover now BrixBench and the BrixTable.



Fan of his godchildren, product management & sales person.



Dad and doctor with passion.

In love with the Eames Lounge Chair.



Branding agency woman with an affinity for interior design and manager of two boys.

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