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Lots of storage space on each side. I Less chaos on the floor I Fantasy world remains protected from crawling siblings I Focus on one game I Can be moved with one hand I Sturdy wood I Resistant tabletop made of coated chipboard

Org. Creativiy
Darum lieben wir Ihn


100% SWISSMADE     

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The table is 100% Swiss-made and is made in a foundation primarily by young women and men in need of support. The housing is made of robust and fine birch plywood (FSC certified). The two floors are made of coated chipboard and are therefore even more resistant.


BrixTable: The gaming table

The perfect size:

The table is 130 cm long, 55 cm high and 90 cm wide - ideal for the Briobahn.

Mine are definitely too young: 

No, we recommend the table from two legs up to around 5 years of age - it also helps with the first attempts to stand. At the end please pass it on or return it to our Occasionspark. 

Definitely tricky:

Since the table is varnished on the playing surface, it can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

CHF 1'090.- 


That's how he comes to you

The table is delivered in 6 parts and the matching screws to your front door by Swiss Post. With the help of assembly instructions, you can assemble the table ready to play in just a few simple steps (no special manual skills are required and the necessary tools are included).

If we have the table in stock, it will reach you  within a week. If we are currently in a production phase, you will receive a notification from us via email.


theassembly Instructionslies on every gaming table and if required we will send it to you by email. 


The foldable storage boxes from Aykasa (30 x 40cm) are not included. Eight fit beautifully in the BrixTable.

über uns

We like order, but we love our children even more. And there is no longer so much room for order. As is so often the case, the idea for our gaming table came about by accident. And then, due to a lack of alternatives, an idea emerged out of chance, and from this in turn we developed our prototype. But right from the start: They were our life savers. The children's coffee shops in Rotterdam (NL) – our temporary home. And there are quite a few of those in the port city, and some of them with a gaming table.


         ORGANIZED CREATIVITY - As we call it

So we spent hours maneuvering derailed Brio trains onto the rails, sipping still warm latte macchiatos and at the same time rocking the baby boy in the carrier. Back home, the research began: a beautiful game table with storage space. There definitely is. Eh, no. So not one that met our design requirements and made playing as easy as possible for our bambinos. nep Nada. So we took the pencil and created our ideal. Hello Brixtown. 


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